More Information about Nicola Rainford

Union :


Native :


Playing Age :


Accents :

American-Standard, Cockney, RP, Welsh-Standard, Yorkshire (native)

Languages :

English Basic Spanish

Performance :

Actor-Musician, Actor-Singer, BASSC-Rapier, Dagger & Unarmed (pass), Childrens Theatre, Clown, Living History, Mask, Musical Theatre, Outdoor Performances, Physical Theatre, Presenting, Singer-Professional, Skin Work, Street Theatre

Music :

Flute (Grade 6 Standard), Piano (Grade 5 Standard)

Dances :

Choreography, Country Dancing, Tap (basic)

Sports :

Climbing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Horse-jumping, Horse-riding*, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Stage Combat, Swimming

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